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Water-based cleaning agent Water-based cleaning agent
Water-based cleaning agent - W3600

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W3600 Introduction

The water-based cleaning agent W3600 is a new concentrated and environmentally friendly water-based product developed using our patented technology, mainly aimed at cleaning PCBA water-soluble solder paste. This product can clean water-soluble solder paste residues in a short period of time at low concentrations, with high efficiency. Other types of solder paste residue and flux residue after PCBA welding can also be cleaned. This product is made of safe materials, free from halogens and flash points. The mild formula has excellent material compatibility with sensitive metals and electronic components used in FPC and other boards, making it an ideal environmentally friendly water-based cleaning agent.

W3600 Product Features

➤ Concentrated solution, flexible cleaning ratio, and wide process window.
➤ Low concentration cleaning can achieve ideal cleaning results.
➤ Short cleaning time and high efficiency.
➤ Excellent material compatibility for FPC and electronic components,
➤ The material is environmentally friendly and safe to use, without the need for additional explosion-proof measures.

W3600 Applicable process

W3600 is suitable for ultrasonic and spray cleaning processes

W3600 Application

The water-based cleaning agent W3600 is used to remove residual solder paste and flux after the PCBA welding process. It also has a certain solubility in oil stains.

The application effects are listed in the following list.


Application of Unibright products

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