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Water-based cleaning agent Water-based cleaning agent
Water-based cleaning agent - W3210

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W3210 Introduction

W3210 is a pH neutral formula water-based cleaning agent independently developed by Unibright for residual welding residues in electronic products. Suitable for cleaning flux and solder paste residues on different types of electronic assembly components such as PCBA, including semiconductor device flux residues in packaging forms such as SIP and WLP. Due to its pH neutrality, it has excellent material compatibility with sensitive metal and polymer materials.

W3210 Product Features

➤ The pH value is neutral, demonstrating excellent material compatibility with sensitive materials such as aluminum, copper, nickel, plastic, and labels.
➤ Dilute with deionized water in a certain proportion to prevent foaming, making it suitable for spray and ultrasonic processes.
➤ Halogen free, environmentally friendly materials; The odor is light, the liquid used has no flash point, and it is safe to use without the need for additional explosion-proof measures.
➤ Due to its neutral pH, it reduces the difficulty of sewage treatment.

W3210 Applicable process

Suitable for online or batch spray cleaning processes, as well as ultrasonic cleaning processes.

W3210 Application

W3210 can be used as a water-based cleaning agent for different types of flux residues. The product is a concentrated solution, which can be diluted with deionized water according to the difficulty of cleaning the residue before use. It is safe, environmentally friendly, and convenient to use, making it an ideal choice for high-end electronic precision cleaning applications.

The recommended application effects are listed in the table below.


Application of Unibright products

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