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Water-based cleaning agent Water-based cleaning agent
Water-based cleaning agent - W1200

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W1200 Introduction

W1200 is a neutral water-based cleaning agent specially developed for cleaning residues such as baked flux on aluminum alloy trays or fixtures. It is mainly suitable for ultrasonic cleaning processes, soaking, and manual cleaning. This product is developed using our patented technology and has excellent material compatibility, making it suitable for cleaning various sensitive metal materials. Light odor, halogen-free, and no flash point.

W1200 Product Features

➤ It has safe compatibility with various sensitive metal materials such as aluminum alloys, solving the problem that alkaline water-based cleaning agents have always been unable to overcome.
➤ Using deionized water as a solvent, with no flash point, safe to use, also it without the need for additional explosion-proof measures.
➤ The odor is light, the pH value is neutral, and the operation is safe without the need for additional protective measures. It is easy for operators to accept.
➤ As it is a concentrated solution, it can be diluted in different proportions according to the difficulty of cleaning the residue before use.
➤ Heating the cleaning solution (40-50 ℃) or using ultrasonic cleaning can greatly shorten the cleaning time.

W1200 Applicable process

W1200 is mainly suitable for ultrasonic cleaning processes, soaking, and manual cleaning methods

W1200 Application

With the development of miniaturization, lightness, and precision in electronic products, electronic cleaning has become increasingly important in the manufacturing industry. Compared to traditional cleaning agents, W1200 water-based cleaning agent completely eliminates fire safety hazards and can better meet the constantly improving requirements for environmental protection substances, conforming to the direction of future cleaning industry development.

Neutral water-based cleaning agent W1200 is mainly used to clean baked flux on aluminum alloy trays or fixtures, and has good solubility for various types of flux and solder paste residues.

The application effects are listed in the following list.


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