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Stencil Cleaning Stencil Cleaning
solder paste stencil cleaning
solder paste stencil

solder paste stencil cleaning

In the SMT solder paste welding process, the solder paste printing stencil needs to undergo regular offline cleaning, which is an essential process and operation mode in the SMT process. The cleanliness of the SMT steel mesh directly affects the graphic accuracy and solder paste quantity of solder paste printing, ensuring the quality of solder paste welding and reducing solder joint defects is a very important link, especially for high-precision and closely spaced printing.

Many manufacturers' existing stencil cleaning equipment often uses traditional pneumatic spray machines, which use organic solvent, based cleaning agents or alcohol for stencil cleaning. This method solves the problem of low reliability of manual cleaning and no guarantee of cleaning cleanliness. The automatic cleaning method achieves continuous and complete cleaning of the steel mesh. However, with the improvement of environmental and safety requirements, the method of cleaning the stencil with solvent based cleaning agents is gradually changing and changing. The use of environmentally friendly water-based cleaning agents in conjunction with cleaning machines for stencil cleaning has become the direction and trend of SMT printing stencil cleaning.

Unibright solder paste stencil cleaning advantages

1. Two phase water-based cleaning agents have high cleaning load capacity and excellent filterability, resulting in longer service life and lower maintenance costs. Using deionized water as a solvent is safe to use and does not require additional explosion-proof measures.

2. The formula is mild, with a pH of neutral, and has excellent material compatibility with sensitive metals, mesh plates, stretch mesh adhesives, plastics, and other polymers. It does not contain VOC components and can meet the relevant regulatory requirements for VOC emissions.

3. Low odor and minimal impact on the environment. No foam, meeting the requirements of high-pressure spray without foam.

4. It does not contain solid substances, does not require rinsing after cleaning, has no solid residue, and has no whitening phenomenon.

solder paste stencil cleaning recommended products

solder paste stencil cleaning application

Clean the uncured red red glue residue (including stencil, copper stencil, plastic stencil) and solder paste residue (including solder paste stencil, PCB circuit board misprint board) on the SMT printing screen board


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