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Silver slurry and silver glue cleaning cleaning
Silver slurry and silver glue cleaning

Silver slurry and silver glue cleaning cleaning

The bending or wear of the silver glue needle/dispensing valve and stopper may have a crucial impact on the dispensing quality. If the temperature is high or not cleaned for a long time, the silver paste and adhesive may solidify or partially solidify on the inner surface of the needle/dispensing valve, causing blockage. Therefore, regular inspection and cleaning are effective methods to improve production quality. The cleaning agent developed by Heming Technology can quickly penetrate into the internal surface to soften, dissolve, and remove the solidified or semi cured silver paste and silver glue, achieving the ideal cleaning effect and keeping the internal surface of the parts unobstructed.

Unibright provides you with professional silver slurry and silver glue water-based cleaning process solutions.

Unibright Silver slurry and silver glue cleaning cleaning advantages

1. Suitable for cleaning various printing silver paste, aluminum paste mesh plates, and silver paste, aluminum paste misprinted plates before solidification in electronic processing processes.

2. The cleaning agent has a high flash point and is not flammable. It is safe to use and does not require additional explosion-proof measures.

3. The material is environmentally friendly and does not contain RoHS restricted substances or halogens.

4. This product is suitable for soaking and ultrasonic cleaning processes. The soaking process is best combined with stirring or bubbling to achieve better results.

5. It is recommended to clean the screen and misprinted boards that need to be cleaned in a timely manner. If left for too long, the slurry will solidify to varying degrees, which will affect the cleaning effect.

6. The formula is mild, with a neutral pH and good material compatibility.

Silver slurry and silver glue cleaning cleaning recommended products

Silver slurry and silver glue cleaning cleaning application

Silver paste and silver glue cleaning agent is suitable for cleaning printing silver paste and aluminum paste stencil, and can be applied in ultrasonic cleaning processes.

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