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Stencil Cleaning Stencil Cleaning
red glue stencil cleaning
red glue stencil

red glue stencil cleaning

Choosing products and equipment is crucial for cleaning red glue mesh boards.
One is to choose a water-based cleaning agent that has good solubility in red glue;
The second is to choose to use the physical force of ultrasound to disperse and dissolve red glue faster to achieve the cleaning effect.

Unibright red glue stencil cleaning advantages

1. It has the advantages of both solvent based and water-based cleaning agents.
2. Used to clean red glue and solder paste residues on SMT printing screen boards, it has a special effect on thick red glue screens that are generally difficult to clean with water-based cleaning agents.
3. It has strong solubility in red glue, which can shorten cleaning time, reduce cleaning costs, and improve cleaning efficiency.
4. Using deionized water as a solvent is safe to use and does not require additional explosion-proof measures.
5. The formula is mild, with a pH of neutral, and has excellent material compatibility with sensitive metals, mesh plates, stretch mesh adhesives, plastics, and other polymers.
6. It does not contain VOC components and fully meets the relevant regulatory requirements for VOC emissions.
7. There are no solid substances and no organic matter deposition in the rinsing unit.
8. There will be no white residue left on the cleaning object and equipment.

red glue stencil cleaning recommended products

red glue stencil cleaning application

Uncured red glue residue (including steel stencil, copper stencil, plastic stencil) on SMT printing screen, and solder paste residue (including solder paste steel stencil, PCB circuit board misprinting board)


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