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Semi-water-based cleaning agent Semi-water-based cleaning agent
Semi-water-based cleaning agent - W3300

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W3300 Introduction

W3300 is a water-based cleaning agent suitable for post welding cleaning of electronic assembly, components, and semiconductor devices. This product can effectively remove soldering flux and solder paste residues from semiconductor components, circuit board assemblies, and other components. W3300 is suitable for ultrasonic cleaning processes, combined with deionized water rinsing, to achieve excellent cleaning results. W3300 has good compatibility and can be compatible with materials used in electronic assembly, wafer protrusions, advanced packaging manufacturing processes, and cleaning processes.

W3300 Product Features

➤ Excellent material compatibility is ensured when handling sensitive materials such as aluminum and silver.
➤ Capable of effectively removing residues in small gaps at the bottom of components, and maintaining bright solder joints after cleaning.
➤ Fast cleaning speed and high efficiency.
➤ This product has good water solubility and is easy to rinse clean with water.
➤ The formula does not contain halogen components and is low in volatility and odor.
➤ Free from chlorofluorocarbons and harmful air pollutants.

W3300 Applicable process

W3300 is mainly used for ultrasonic cleaning processes

W3300 Application

W3300 semi aqueous cleaning agent is mainly used to remove soldering flux and solder paste residue on circuit board assemblies, ceramic capacitor components, and other devices.

 Cleaning process:

 The specific process flow is: adding liquid feeding ultrasonic cleaning ultrasonic rinsing drying unloading.

The specific application effects are listed in the following list.


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