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PCBA Cleaning PCBA Cleaning
Server substrate cleaning
Server substrate

Server substrate cleaning

Cleaning of server component substrate: Suitable cleaning processes are required to remove residues such as rosin, resin, and grease left by circuit board assembly/substrate during production due to welding. The presence of residues can cause isolation at the subsequent bonding metal interface or delamination at the plastic sealing interface, ranging from functional damage to paralytic faults. Using Unibright to provide a water-based cleaning process solution, 100% removal of interface residues provides ideal interface bonding conditions for the next process, avoiding the occurrence of the aforementioned problems.

Unibright provides you with professional water-based cleaning solutions for server circuit board components/substrates.

Unibright Server substrate cleaning advantages

1. Diluted with deionized water in a certain proportion, it is not easy to foam and can be used in ultrasonic and spray cleaning equipment. No flash point, safe to use, no additional explosion-proof measures required.

2. High cleaning load capacity, ultra long service life, and low maintenance cost.

3. Suitable for the cleaning of precision electronic parts with high precision, high density, and high cleanliness requirements, especially suitable for cleaning applications targeting fine pitch and low bottom gap components.

4. The formula is mild and has good material compatibility with sensitive metal alloys, electronic components, screen printing, barcodes, QR codes, etc.

5. It has a good cleaning effect on various types of flux and solder paste residues, which can effectively improve the quality of subsequent wire binding processes, making power LED devices have higher light conversion efficiency and longer service life.

6. The cleaning temperature range is wide, and according to the stubborn residue situation, room temperature or heating cleaning (25-50 ℃) can be selected.

7. Halogen free, safe and environmentally friendly to use.

Server substrate cleaning recommended products

Server substrate cleaning application

Circuit board cleaning is mainly used to clean electronic components, 4G5G optical modules, 5G power boards, 5G microwave boards, 5G antennas, energy storage circuit boards, electronic components, BMS battery management system PCBA circuit boards (circuit boards), 5G electronic products PCBA circuit boards (circuit boards), module cleaning, BGA high-tech component cleaning, FPC circuit board cleaning, automotive electronic circuit board cleaning Solder paste or flux, residue of solder paste on the PCBA circuit board (circuit board) of the ECU engine driving management system.

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