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PCBA Cleaning PCBA Cleaning
Circuit board cleaning
Circuit board

Circuit board cleaning

In order to ensure the high reliability, electrical performance stability, and service life of PCBA, improve the quality and yield of PCBA components, and avoid pollution of pollutants and the resulting electro migration and electrochemical corrosion that may cause circuit failure. It is necessary to clean the solder paste residue, flux residue, oil stains, dust, and solder pad oxide layer, fingerprints, organic pollutants, and particles after the PCBA welding process.

Unibright provides you with professional circuit board cleaning process solutions.

Unibright Circuit board cleaning advantages

1. High cleaning load capacity, long service life, and low maintenance cost.

2. Good solubility, the solder joints remain bright after cleaning.

3. The formula is gentle and has excellent material compatibility.

4. Low VOC value, meeting the requirements of VOC emission regulations.

5. Using deionized water as a solvent, without flash point, safe to use.

6. Low odor and minimal impact on the environment.

Circuit board cleaning recommended products

Circuit board cleaning application

Mainly used for cleaning electronic assemblies, 4G5G optical modules, 5G power boards, 5G microwave boards, 5G antennas, energy storage circuit boards, electronic components, BMS battery management system PCBA circuit boards, 5G electronic products PCBA circuit boards, module cleaning, BGA high-tech component cleaning, FPC circuit board cleaning, automotive electronic circuit board cleaning Solder paste or flux, residue of solder paste on the PCBA circuit board of the ECU engine driving management system. Water based cleaning agent

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