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Packging cleaning Packging cleaning
Wafer level packaging cleaning
Wafer level packaging

Wafer level packaging cleaning

There are various pollutants on the substrate pad of advanced packaging product chips before and after soldering, which can be classified into two categories: ionic and non ionic. Ionic pollutants come into contact with moisture in the environment and undergo electrochemical migration after being electrified, forming dendritic structures that create low resistance pathways and disrupt the functionality of circuit boards. Non ionic pollutants can penetrate the insulation layer of the PCB and grow dendrites below the surface of the PCB board. These substances dominate all pollutants, and from the perspective of product failure, post weld residues are the main influencing factor affecting product quality. Ionic residues can easily cause electric migration and reduce insulation resistance, while rosin resin residues can easily adsorb dust or impurities and increase contact resistance, leading to open circuit failure. Therefore, strict cleaning must be carried out after welding to ensure the quality of circuit boards.

Unibright will provides you with professional wafer level packaging process water-based cleaning process solutions.

Unibright Wafer level packaging cleaning advantages

1. Remove welding residues after wafer protrusions to prevent erosion of wafer protrusions.

2. High cleaning power, ultra long service life, and low maintenance cost.

3. Advanced packaging cleaning with high precision, high density, and high cleanliness requirements.

4. The formula is mild and has good material compatibility for sensitive metal alloys and electronic components.

5. It has a very good cleaning effect on the residue of self-cleaning solder paste, and can effectively remove the metal oxide layer, greatly reducing the defect rate.

6. It can effectively remove residual static electricity, dirt, metal ions, dust and other particles on the surface of the chip, with a cleaning rate of over 95%.

7. Halogen free, safe to use, no additional explosion-proof measures required, and the solder joints remain bright after cleaning.

Wafer level packaging cleaning recommended products

Wafer level packaging cleaning application

In response to the different requirements for precise post soldering cleaning of advanced packaging product chips, substrate pads, and electronic processes before soldering, Unibright has independently developed a relatively complete water-based series of products, covering from semiconductor packaging to PCBA component terminals, including water-based and semi water-based cleaning agents, alkaline water-based cleaning agents, and neutral water-based cleaning agents. Specifically, under the same cleaning force, Unibright's cleaning agents have good compatibility, a wider range of compatible materials, faster cleaning speed, low ion residue, and better cleanliness.

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