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Packging cleaning Packging cleaning
system-in-package cleaning

system-in-package cleaning

System-in-package cleaning: POP stacked chips/ System-in-package are welded at a mm level spacing, leaving behind hygroscopic substances such as active agents after the application of soldering flux. If there is a small amount of hygroscopic active agent in the smaller layer spacing, it can occupy a relatively large chip space, affecting the reliability of the chip. To remove residues from a limited space, cleaning agents need to have low surface tension to penetrate into the interlayer chips, achieving the goal of removing residues. The cleaning agent developed by Unibright has excellent infiltration ability to ensure the complete removal of residual active agents between chips.

Unibright provides you with a full process solution for SIP system level packaging water-based cleaning.

Unibright system-in-package cleaning advantages

1. The pH value is neutral

2. Display good material compatibility with sensitive materials such as aluminum, copper, nickel, plastic, and labels.

3. Diluted with deionized water in a certain proportion, it barely foam and is suitable for spraying processes.

4. Halogen free, materials are environmentally friendly; The odor is light, the liquid used has no flash point, and it is safe to use without the need for additional explosion-proof measures.

5. Highly environmentally friendly, phosphorus and nitrogen free, reducing the difficulty of sewage treatment.

system-in-package cleaning recommended products

system-in-package cleaning application

Suitable for SiP system packaging cleaning and cleaning of solder and solder paste residues on different types of electronic assembly components.

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