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Maintenance Maintenance
SMT furnace cleaning
SMT furnace

SMT furnace cleaning

In order to ensure the normal process indicators, parameters, and mechanical operation of SMT reflow soldering, and to avoid contamination by pollutants during the PCBA reflow soldering process, regular maintenance and cleaning of SMT reflow soldering are necessary.

Unibright SMT furnace cleaning advantages

1. The spray foam is moderate, uniform and fine, with strong adhesion, difficult to flow and large coverage area.

2. The working time of foam can reach 0.5~2h.

3. It has fast penetration and strong cleaning ability, and has good cleaning effects on various stubborn old scales.

Compared to traditional solvent based cleaning agents, it effectively reduces cleaning time and improves efficiency. Compared to general water-based cleaning agents, it eliminates the rinsing process, reduces water consumption and wastewater treatment, and reduces cleaning costs.

5. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, harmless to the human body, free of CFC, and does not damage the atmospheric ozone layer.

6. Energy saving - The specially formulated formula can effectively clean various welding equipment that has been cold or heated.

SMT furnace cleaning recommended products

SMT furnace cleaning application

Suitable for cleaning and maintenance of reflux furnaces, wave soldering furnaces, production lines, and various equipment

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