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Precision metal surface cleaning
Precision metal surface

Precision metal surface cleaning

Various types of mineral oils and animal and vegetable oils on the surface of metal workpieces, such as industrial lubricants, hydraulic oils, transmission oils, rust removal oils, cutting fluids, etc., require surface cleaning to ensure the subsequent process requirements and quality of the product.

Unibright Precision metal surface cleaning advantages

1. Using deionized water as a solvent is safe to use and does not require additional explosion-proof measures.

2. It has safety compatibility with various metal materials such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, iron, silicon steel, etc.

3. It does not contain VOC components and can meet the relevant regulatory requirements for VOC emissions.

4. The product has a mild formula, a light odor, and does not contain halogens. It has mild skin irritation and is easy for operators to accept.

5. Strong cleaning power, with an ultra-long life span and low usage cost.

Precision metal surface cleaning recommended products

Precision metal surface cleaning application

Specially used for surface oil removal of precision hardware and metal workpieces, such as various mineral oils, animal and vegetable oils, industrial lubricants, hydraulic oils (HLHMHRHVHG), transmission oils, rust preventive oils, etc.

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