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Cleaning of fixtures and carrier cleaning
Cleaning of fixtures and carrier

Cleaning of fixtures and carrier cleaning

In order to ensure the welding quality of the welding fixture and carrier during wave soldering and reflow soldering, and to avoid the accumulation of residual flux and solder paste during the welding process from polluting the PCBA circuit board, it is necessary to regularly maintain and clean the welding fixture and carrier.

The necessity of cleaning furnace fixtures:

With the development of miniaturization, lightness, and precision in electronic products, product requirements are becoming increasingly high. In general electronic processes, people often overlook the cleaning of related carriers and equipment maintenance, such as PCB soldering fixtures/tools, wave soldering, and reflow furnaces. In the manufacturing process, these are often one of the important links to improve quality.

Unibright Cleaning of fixtures and carrier cleaning advantages

1. Suitable for various cleaning processes such as ultrasound, spray, soaking, and manual brushing.

2. Halogen free, low odor, no foam, safe to use.

3. The service life is 3-10 times that of traditional surfactants, greatly reducing the cost of use.

4. The super strong cleaning force can completely remove all types of solder paste and flux residues, and it is not easy to bubble during the cleaning process.

5. It has safety compatibility with sensitive materials such as brass, glass, ceramics, rubber, plastic, steel, composite materials, cast iron, aluminum alloys, etc.

6. It does not contain VOC components and can meet the relevant regulatory requirements for VOC emissions.

When cleaning non stubborn dirt, the cleaning agent can be diluted twice with DI water before use, which can also achieve good cleaning results.

Cleaning of fixtures and carrier cleaning recommended products

Cleaning of fixtures and carrier cleaning application

Used to clean stubborn residues such as flux, rosin, oil stains, etc. baked on welding fixtures, fixtures, cyclone separators, and condenser tubes.

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