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Maintenance Maintenance
Chain claw cleaning
Chain claw

Chain claw cleaning

To ensure the normal process indicators, parameters, and mechanical operation of wave soldering and reflow soldering, and to prevent PCBA from being contaminated by pollutants during the processing, it is necessary to regularly maintain and clean the chain claws of wave soldering and reflow soldering.

Unibright Chain claw cleaning advantages

1. High cleaning load capacity, good filterability, ultra long service life, and low maintenance cost.

2. It can effectively remove residues in the small gaps at the bottom of the components, and the solder joints remain bright after cleaning.

3. The formula is gentle and particularly suitable for cleaning applications with long contact times. No impact on various components on PCBA, with good material compatibility.

4. It does not contain halogens, has no flash point, is safe to use, and does not require additional explosion-proof measures.

5. No foam, suitable for spray cleaning process.

6. It does not contain solid substances, and there is no residue or whitening on the cleaned parts and cleaning equipment.

Chain claw cleaning recommended products

Chain claw cleaning application

Specially designed for continuous online brushing of unassembled chain claws during the operation of wave soldering furnaces

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