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Advantages of Unibright’s water-based cleaning agent

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In the manufacturing process of electronic products, including chip packaging, components, PCBA components, and the entire machine manufacturing process, safety, environmental protection, reliability, and clean working environment are all highly required. The residual rosin flux, water-soluble flux, non cleaning flux/paste, finger marks, oil stains, dust and other pollutants on the surface of SMT/THT PCBA after welding directly affect production quality and related requirements, and may violate environmental safety laws, regulations and industry standards. Therefore, precision cleaning technology needs to be added to electronic process manufacturing.


Unibright Technology, as a national high-tech enterprise that has been fighting at the forefront of the electronic process industry for a long time, focuses on the latest process cleaning technology in the industry, focuses on electronic processes, and serves the global electronic manufacturing industry.


For PCBA online and offline water-based cleaning, stencil solder paste and flux cleaning, chip packaging cleaning, IGBT power module cleaning, and camera module cleaning, we recommend Unibright’s water-based cleaning agent, which is safe and environmentally friendly, meets the requirements of current environmental regulations such as ROHS, REACH, SONY00259, HF, etc., has high cleaning efficiency and low cost.


Advantages of Unibright's water-based cleaning agent series products:

 1. High cleaning load capacity, good filterability, long service life, and low maintenance cost.

 2. Good solubility can effectively remove residues in small gaps at the bottom of components, and the solder joints remain bright after cleaning.

 3. The formula is mild and has excellent material compatibility.

 4. Low VOC value can meet the relevant regulatory requirements for VOC emissions.

 5. Using deionized water as a solvent, with no flash point, safe to use, and no need for additional explosion-proof measures.

 6. No solid substances, no need to rinse after cleaning, no solid residue, and no whitening phenomenon.

 7. Low odor and minimal impact on the environment.




水基清洗剂 VS 溶剂型清洗剂


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