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Industrial cleaning agent Industrial cleaning agent
Industrial cleaning agent - W6000

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W6000 Introduction

W6000 is an environmentally friendly water-based product specifically designed for oil removal. Coupled with ultrasonic cleaning technology, it can effectively remove various types of mineral oils and animal and vegetable oils on the surface of metal workpieces, such as industrial lubricants, hydraulic oils, transmission oils, rust prevention oils, and cutting fluids. This product has a mild formula, a light odor, no halogen, long cleaning life, good affinity for the human body, safe use, and completely eliminates fire safety hazards. It can also meet the constantly improving requirements for environmental protection substances and comply with the direction of future cleaning industry development.

W6000 Product Features

➤ The cleaning solution uses deionized water as the solvent, which is safe to use and does not require additional explosion-proof measures.
➤ Safe compatibility for various metal materials such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, iron, carbon steel, etc.
➤ Does not contain ODS components and can meet environmental regulations.
➤ The original solution of this product has a high concentration, is gentle after dilution, has a light odor, and is slightly irritating to the skin, making it easy for operators to accept.
➤ Strong cleaning power, long service life, and low usage cost.

W6000 Applicable process

W6000 is suitable for ultrasonic cleaning process.

W6000 Application

W6000 water-based cleaning agent is mainly used for oil pollutants on the surface of metal workpieces. In the ultrasonic cleaning process, the parts to be cleaned are immersed in the cleaning tank, and the cavitation, acceleration, and direct flow effects of ultrasound in the cleaning agent are combined with the super solubility of the cleaning agent to dirt, so that the dirt layer is dissolved, dispersed, emulsified, or peeled off to achieve the cleaning purpose.

The application effects are listed in the following list.


Application of Unibright products

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