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Flux - no-clean flux 816
no-clean flux 816

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no-clean flux 816 Introduction

Unibright 816 flux is a no-clean and environmentally friendly flux specially designed for the automatic welding process of copper resistance sheets (varistors, thermistors). After welding, the resistance sheet can easily pass tensile testing and leakage current testing, making it an ideal environmentally friendly soldering flux.

no-clean flux 816 Product Features

➤ Excellent activity combination can meet the requirements of high temperature (260~380 ℃) welding process.
➤ The solder joints are bright and full, with good wettability.
➤ Solder can spread evenly along the lead wire, and the solder joints are firm and have high strength.
➤ The residue after welding is in a light yellow transparent form with minimal residue and extremely high surface insulation impedance (S.I.R).

no-clean flux 816 Applicable process

It is applicable to the automatic welding process of Ag and Cu resistance strips, and to lead-free alloy solders such as Sn-Ag-Cu and Sn-Cu. The coating methods can be spray, foaming, coating, immersion welding, etc.

no-clean flux 816 Application

➤ Unibright 816 environmentally friendly soldering flux has strong soldering performance and is suitable for the automatic welding process of Ag and Cu resistance sheets. Especially for Cu resistance sheets that are difficult to solder, this product can also meet the welding requirements of firm welding and tin alloy spreading along the rod.

➤ When soldering flux is used in tin dipping operations, due to the natural volatilization of flux in open containers, appropriate addition of Unibright 2010 diluent is required to control the specific gravity during use, so as to maintain its concentration within a certain range.

➤ During non operating conditions, it is recommended to avoid contact between the flux and air as much as possible to shorten the service life of the flux. When suspended solids are found in the flux liquid, the flux inside the container should be promptly removed and replaced.

Application of Unibright products

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