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Flux - Halogen free flux 805
Halogen free flux 805

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Halogen free flux 805 Introduction

805 is a halogen-free soldering flux with low solid content and no rosin. The unique combination of active systems has excellent wettability on the surface of solder, uniformly and reliably removing the oxide layer and harmful substances that affect solder, in order to form interface alloys and bright and full solder joints.

Halogen free flux 805 Product Features

805 halogen-free soldering flux has a low solid content and uses new materials to enhance its wettability. During welding, there is little smoke and no irritating odor. After welding, there is very little residue on the surface of the board and solder joint, which is uniform and bright, and has extremely high surface insulation impedance.

Halogen free flux 805 Applicable process

A soldering flux particularly suitable for tin dipping operations on plating lines. Sn-Pb and lead-free alloy solders such as Sn-Ag-Cu and Sn-Cu are suitable.

Halogen free flux 805 Application

➤ When using, pay attention to monitoring the specific gravity of the flux and control it within the range of 0.79 ± 0.02 to ensure the best effect of the flux and minimize the defect rate.

➤ During non operating conditions, it is recommended to avoid contact between the flux and air as much as possible to avoid reducing the service life of the flux.

➤ If open type operation is used, attention should be paid to controlling the concentration of flux. When the specific gravity is too high, diluent should be added in a timely manner to avoid excessive welding residue and affecting post weld testing.

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