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Flux - Water soluble flux 766
Water soluble flux 766

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Water soluble flux 766 Introduction

Unibright 766 water-soluble flux is a water soluble organic active flux specially designed for automatic welding equipment with a water washing process. Completely halogen-free, colorless and transparent; The corrosion on the metal surface of the sheet metal and welding equipment is extremely mild; The welding process produces less smoke and no irritating odor; The water cleaning effect is good, and the ion residue after cleaning is extremely low.

Water soluble flux 766 Product Features

➤ Completely halogen-free, colorless and transparent.
➤ The corrosion on the metal surface of the plate and welding equipment is extremely mild.
➤ The welding process produces less smoke and no irritating odor.
➤ The water cleaning effect is good, with extremely low ion residue after cleaning.
➤ The solder joints are full and bright, with high strength.

Water soluble flux 766 Applicable process

766 flux can be applied by spray, foaming and coating. It has good process adaptability

Water soluble flux 766 Application

➤ When applying the spray process, be sure to keep the spray amount of PCB uniform to achieve good welding results.

➤ When applying the foaming process, it is recommended to use a 0.05mm fine cell foaming tube to achieve a stable and consistent foaming effect. Regularly and appropriately add diluents to maintain the uniformity and stability of the active ingredients of the flux during use.

➤ The service life of soldering flux varies slightly due to process conditions. It is recommended to use compressed air that has been degreased, dehydrated, and cooled in the foaming process to extend the service life of the flux. When the flux is not in working condition, it should be kept in a sealed container as much as possible to avoid solvent evaporation. When it is necessary to replace expired soldering flux, the foaming tank or soldering flux container should be thoroughly cleaned, and a full amount of new soldering flux should be replaced.

➤ Pre heating after applying flux can fully utilize the advantages of water-soluble flux. It is recommended that the preheating temperature should reach 100-150 on the PCB welding surface after preheating.

➤ Wash with hot water at 50-60 to achieve the minimum ion residue without adding any cleaning agents.

Application of Unibright products

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