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Flux Flux
Flux - Water-soluble flux 716AH
Water-soluble flux 716AH

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Water-soluble flux 716AH Introduction

Unibright 716AH lead-free water-soluble flux is specially designed for automatic welding equipment with a water washing process.

Water-soluble flux 716AH Product Features

This product does not contain rosin and is completely halogen-free, with little corrosion to the metal surface of the plate and welding equipment; The welding process produces less smoke and no irritating odor; Good water cleaning effect, combined with spray/ultrasonic cleaning, can quickly clean and achieve extremely low ion residue; The solder joints are full and bright, with high strength. For high-quality and stable welding operations in electronic product production, this product can meet the requirements.

Water-soluble flux 716AH Applicable process

Unibright 716AH lead-free water-soluble flux can be applied by spray, coating and dipping, with good process adaptability.

Water-soluble flux 716AH Application

➤ The service life of soldering flux varies slightly due to process conditions. When the flux is not in working condition, it should be kept in a sealed container as much as possible to avoid solvent evaporation. When it is necessary to replace expired flux, the flux container should be thoroughly cleaned before replacing with a new flux.

➤ Pre heating after applying flux can fully leverage the advantages of Unibright 716AH lead-free water-soluble flux. It is recommended that the preheating temperature should reach 100-150 on the PCB board or component welding surface after preheating.

➤ Using hot water at 50-60 combined with spray/ultrasonic cleaning can achieve the minimum ion residue without the need for any cleaning agent.

Application of Unibright products

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