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common issues that you may concern
How to apply for a sample?

Apply for the samples online on our official website or contact customer service at 136-9170-9838.

concerning customer needs and provide high-quality service

We closely follow the development trends of society and industry technology, pay attention to customer needs, deeply understand customer requirements and match the services we can provide, we adopt our independent innovative research and development, exquisite technology, and high-quality products (including electronic welding materials, cleaning materials, and cleaning equipment), connect with customers, provide customers with suitable products, technical process solutions, and meet their actual production and cleaning needs, in order to achieve the best cleaning effect, strive to help customers improve production efficiency, optimize production environment, achieve safety and environmental protection, promote the occupational health development of employees, and reduce customers' comprehensive costs.




We actively upgrade and improve the performance of our products, constantly surpassing the present, with the goal of achieving a better, safer, and environmentally friendly life for humanity as our driving force. We deeply explore the potential future needs of our customers, and continuously carry out front-end development and technical breakthroughs.


How to clean the steel stencil?

From the perspective of electronic component manufacturing process and customer standard requirements, as well as improving efficiency and reducing costs, please contact our customer services for the detail information about the steel stencil cleaner.  We have different cleaner and equipment to clean the stencil in order to improve reliability and ensure product quality, while also ensuring good reliability and controllability of quality.

How to choose a environmentally friendly cleaning agents and cleaning machines?

From the perspective of safety and environmental protection, what kind of cleaning agent should be used to meet the requirements of safety and environmental protection, such as solvent based cleaning. Generally, pneumatic spray machines are chosen, and environmentally friendly water-based cleaning agents (environmentally friendly water-based cleaning agents) are used. The cleaning machine should choose a spray cleaning machine or a combination of ultrasonic cleaning machines, and should be able to achieve a complete water-based process of cleaning, rinsing, and drying.

Can the stencil be directly dried without rinsing after being cleaned with a water-based cleaning agent?

Can the stencil be directly dried without rinsing after being cleaned with a water-based cleaning agent? Some customers have asked this question before because in their habitual thinking, solvent cleaning agents do not seem to require rinsing and drying after cleaning.



But if the cleaning agent used is a water-based cleaning agent, then the stencil can be dried directly without rinsing. So, in principle, the drying of the stencil cannot be achieved. Only by rinsing with water, replacing the residual cleaning agent with water from the stencil, and then drying, can the drying only remove the residual water on the stencil, not the cleaning agent, in order to truly achieve a clean and dry cleaning of the stencil.

Need any training or coaching of cleaning process?

Please contact the corresponding technical engineer. If there is no engineer contact number, please call 136-9170-9838 to contact customer service for consultation.

Poor cleaning or after cleaning residual of components?

1. The usage concentration is low and needs to be increased.

2. The cleaning temperature is low and does not meet the specified usage temperature, requiring heating.

3. The cleaning agent model does not match and needs to be changed.

For other questions, please contact us at 136-9170-9838.

Discharging of rinse water from water-based cleaning agents

The waste liquid composition of cleaning agents and rinsing water is usually composed of the following components


1. Pollutant has been cleaned


2. Surfactants


3. Environmentally friendly solvents


4. Water


Its characteristics are complex composition, high pollutant concentration, high COD and BOD content, and high difficulty in treatment. According to the corresponding discharge standards set by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China for various types of water pollutants, the discharge of wastewater from cleaning agents should comply with the national standard for comprehensive wastewater discharge (GB8978-1996),; The local standard of Guangdong Province "Guangdong Province Water Pollution Emission Limits" DB4426-2001. In addition, according to GB3838, the execution standard level of sewage discharge is divided into water areas for sewage discharge. Industrial sewage discharge waters belong to Class IV: mainly applicable to general industrial water use areas and entertainment water use areas that are not directly in contact with human beings, and should comply with Class II standards. According to the pollutant classification standards, the pollutants generated by water-based cleaning agents during the rinsing stage of the cleaning process belong to the second category of pollutants.




Compared to GB8978-1976, DB44/26-2001 has stricter and more detailed requirements for the amount of various substances in emissions. According to the discharge standard of DB4426-2001, the following items are involved in the discharge of rinsing water generated by our water-based cleaning agent during the rinsing stage:


For wastewater generated during the cleaning process, national and local regulations must be followed before discharge. Our suggestion for the discharge of cleaning agent wastewater is




1) Build a self built treatment system and discharge it into the municipal sewage pipeline network after passing the treatment.




2) Store and transport to a third-party enterprise that meets the processing qualifications for outsourcing processing.




We usually recommend choosing the second option.

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