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How to apply for a sample?

Apply for the samples online on our official website or contact customer service at 136-9170-9838.

concerning customer needs and provide high-quality service

We closely follow the development trends of society and industry technology, pay attention to customer needs, deeply understand customer requirements and match the services we can provide, we adopt our independent innovative research and development, exquisite technology, and high-quality products (including electronic welding materials, cleaning materials, and cleaning equipment), connect with customers, provide customers with suitable products, technical process solutions, and meet their actual production and cleaning needs, in order to achieve the best cleaning effect, strive to help customers improve production efficiency, optimize production environment, achieve safety and environmental protection, promote the occupational health development of employees, and reduce customers' comprehensive costs.




We actively upgrade and improve the performance of our products, constantly surpassing the present, with the goal of achieving a better, safer, and environmentally friendly life for humanity as our driving force. We deeply explore the potential future needs of our customers, and continuously carry out front-end development and technical breakthroughs.


How to clean the steel stencil?

From the perspective of electronic component manufacturing process and customer standard requirements, as well as improving efficiency and reducing costs, please contact our customer services for the detail information about the steel stencil cleaner.  We have different cleaner and equipment to clean the stencil in order to improve reliability and ensure product quality, while also ensuring good reliability and controllability of quality.

How to choose a environmentally friendly cleaning agents and cleaning machines?

From the perspective of safety and environmental protection, what kind of cleaning agent should be used to meet the requirements of safety and environmental protection, such as solvent based cleaning. Generally, pneumatic spray machines are chosen, and environmentally friendly water-based cleaning agents (environmentally friendly water-based cleaning agents) are used. The cleaning machine should choose a spray cleaning machine or a combination of ultrasonic cleaning machines, and should be able to achieve a complete water-based process of cleaning, rinsing, and drying.

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