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Fully automatic ink screen
Fully automatic ink screen

Fully automatic ink screen

Unibright has successfully launched the "Ink Screen Screen Water-based Fully Automatic Cleaning System", which overturns the traditional use of flammable, explosive, toxic volatile organic solvents (VOCs) and inefficient manual brushing mode, greatly reducing the economic costs of enterprises and the cost of social environmental pollution control. The project is an international initiative in terms of technology, equipment, materials, and craftsmanship, and has obtained corresponding intellectual property rights.

Unibright Fully automatic ink screen characteristic

1. Implement a perfect water-based cleaning process for silk screen printing

2. One click to complete the entire cleaning process (cleaning → rinsing → drying)

3. Simple operation meets the industry's general network cleaning standards

Fully automatic ink screen recommended products

Fully automatic ink screen application

The water-based fully automatic cleaning system for ink screen printing boards is applied to clean various types of oily ink screen printing boards.

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