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Solvent cleaning agent Solvent cleaning agent
Solvent cleaning agent - 1070

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1070 Introduction

The 1070 cleaning agent developed by Unibright is an organic solvent based cleaning agent with good cleaning ability. It has good ability to remove ink, silver paste, oil stains, etc., and can be applied in the electronics, hardware, machinery, and printing industries. For ink or silver paste on silk and steel screens in the printing and electronics industries, it has excellent results, good material compatibility, fast cleaning speed, slow evaporation speed, and a slight aromatic odor. It is an ideal environmentally friendly cleaning agent.

1070 Product Features

➤ The cleaning agent has a high flash point and is moderately flammable. The cleaning temperature is suitable for room temperature cleaning.
➤ The cleaning agent does not contain halogens and meets environmental requirements such as REACH/RoHS 2.0/HF/GB38508-2020.
➤ Due to the slow evaporation rate, there is less evaporation during use. The cleaning agent has good capacity and low cost of use.
➤ After repeated use, the cleaning ability will decrease, and it should be replaced promptly.

1070 Applicable process

This product is suitable for manual, ultrasonic, and spray cleaning processes

Application of Unibright products

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