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Solvent cleaning agent Solvent cleaning agent
Solvent cleaning agent - 1060

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1060 Introduction

The 1060 cleaning agent developed by Unibright is an organic solvent type cleaning agent with good cleaning ability and no CFC/HCFC/Halide. It has good removal ability of rosin residues, oil stains, dirt, etc., and is widely used in the electronics, hardware, machinery, and printing industries. It has an excellent cleaning effect for cleaning the residue of soldering flux and tin wire on circuit boards in the electronic industry. The residual cleaning solder paste does not turn white, and its cleaning speed is average, with fast evaporation speed. It does not corrode the screen printing and plastic parts of circuit boards and components, and has an orange fragrance. It is an ideal environmentally friendly cleaning agent.

1060 Product Features

➤ It is best to clean at room temperature.
➤ The cleaning time should be determined according to the specific situation, and generally, the cleaning time for electronic products should not exceed 2 minutes.
➤ Due to the fast evaporation rate, the drying time after PCB cleaning is generally about tens of seconds.
➤ After repeated use, the cleaning ability of the cleaning agent will decrease, and it should be replaced promptly during use.

1060 Applicable process

This product is suitable for manual brushing, scrubbing, and mechanical cleaning.

Application of Unibright products

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