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Chip cleaning Chip cleaning
Semiconductor Packaging cleaning
Semiconductor Packaging

Semiconductor Packaging cleaning

To ensure the high reliability, stability, and service life of semiconductor devices, improve the yield of semiconductor products, and avoid circuit failure caused by pollution, it is necessary to clean semiconductors, including semiconductor chip cleaning, WBC cleaning, power module, power device, power electronics, discrete devices, BGA ball planting cleaning, chip silver paste printing residue cleaning, power LED flip chip, PoP stacked assembly chip The residual auxiliary materials after semiconductor packaging and welding of system-in-packaging chips, DCB, COB, and IGBT power modules include flux, solder paste, ball solder paste, solder paste residue, metal pollutants (particle contamination, alkaline metals, heavy metals, etc.), and organic dirt for cleaning.

Unibright Semiconductor Packaging cleaning advantages

1. The pH value is neutral, demonstrating excellent material compatibility with sensitive materials such as aluminum, copper, nickel, plastic, and labels.

2. Diluted with deionized water in a certain proportion, it is not easy to foam and can be used in spray and ultrasonic processes.

3. Halogen free, environmentally friendly materials; The odor is light, the liquid used has no flash point, and it is safe to use without the need for additional explosion-proof measures.

4. Due to its neutral pH, it reduces the difficulty of sewage treatment.

Semiconductor Packaging cleaning recommended products

Semiconductor Packaging cleaning application

Used to remove flux, solder paste, and solder paste residues from PCBA, packaging devices, and power electronics. This product can effectively remove solder paste, solder paste, and flux residues on various semiconductor electronic devices. For flip chip, semiconductor packaging water-based environmental cleaning, PoP stacked chips, SIP system-in-packaging, semiconductor chips, semiconductor power devices, power modules (photoelectric modules, sensing modules, communication modules), power electronics, IGBT power modules, DCB power cleaning, lead frame, BGA ball planting cleaning, discrete devices Electronic components and other components have excellent cleaning effects.

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