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Case study of water-based cleaning agents for PCBA circuit boards

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With the booming development of the electronics industry and the demand for special functions, some electronic components are assembled with sensitive metals such as aluminum, copper, platinum, nickel, and plastics. These materials are prone to oxidation, discoloration, swelling, deformation, or detachment when cleaned with ordinary alkaline water-based cleaning agents. Higher requirements have been put forward for the compatibility of cleaning agents.




Unibright's PCBA water-based cleaning agent pays attention to both cleaning power and material compatibility.




Below are application examples for you:


(清洗后兼容性对比) 合明科技PCBA线路板水基清洗剂清洗案例4.jpg

The above cleaning cases are for reference only!




Welcome to inquire about Unibright's water-based cleaning solution for PCBA circuit boards and its water-based cleaning agent series products.


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